ZeA & Way Forward!

Terrorism is the gravest and most impending threat to the security and well being of any state. This negative element harms economy, society as well as managerial area of any sovereign state. Pakistan has been a casualty of fear mongering since long however world has seen that how we have destroyed fanaticism and psychological oppression from this district. Presently Pakistan is among those countries who are working for thriving and tranquility of whole locale.

In any case, the security circumstance was extremely unstable when the present government took control. Peace has altogether enhanced in the course of the most recent couple of years in the nation particularly after Operation Zarb-e-Azb was propelled in the tribal zones. The mosques, holy places, markets and different spots had turned out to be easy objectives of the psychological oppressors. Along these lines, the occupant government and the security powers with the shared agreement started conclusive activity against fear based oppression. Presently, peace has to a great extent been reestablished in the nation.

The operation of South Waziristan has been serving as a role model for North Waziristan. Same tactics are being opted in the North Waziristan agency and after the successful fight against terrorist now the time has come that Military is busy in restoring the daily routine life. IDPs are being sent back home, markets, mosques, residential areas and colleges are being built to assist the locals who has sacrificed a lot in the war against terror. Moreover special focus is being given to developed infrastructure.

The Armed Forces has earlier strived hard to regain peace, then rehabilitation and now focus is on maintaining the peace. The entire nations support is along the Armed Forces of Pakistan. Let’s hope for the best and expect the best in future.


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