Census 2017

A decade back Pakistan was puzzled in the mindset of fight against terrorists, then a successful fight was fought against the hatters of peace followed by their rehabilitation process and assistance to its best. In this procedure Swat and South Waziristan has been currently the serving model for North Waziristan where special focus is being given to infra-structure, schools, hospitals and daily life rehabilitation. After this process we have seen foreign investment entering in the country followed by border management and crack down on the illegal residents of Pakistan. Now the time has come after 19 years that the state departments of Pakistan have taken decision of census.

In a recent press conference by representatives of government and Army the state has announced to have made a decision about census in which Armed Forces of Pakistan will ensure the safety and the representative of NADRA will go door to door in order to ensure that each and every house is fully cleared. For this action a special of 200, 000 troops has been raised by the Army which will cover up 168K blocks in which soldiers will go door-to-door with enumerators, fill in their own forms and once the data is provided, the soldier who will have a link to the Nadra and will be able to get Nadra verification of the data immediately.

The army has created a support plan for the census according to which the military has three tasks, “That the census is smooth, transparent and that security and law and order are maintained. Now it’s our prime responsibility to take the soldier who comes to your door for the census as a thank you from the Army for your devotion, and cooperate with him and to make it more convenient helplines are made by the Armed Forces.

Reliable and authentic Census is the first foundation stone of any meaningful planning and development. Let’s all play our best part to ensure safe and healthy census which will prove to be beneficial for us as a country.


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