Glimpse of 1965 war!


50 years back, today was the date when the air of Indo-Pak was witnessing a war to be started at any moment. Pakistan gave an example of true Muslim Army as they opted the defensive policy and gave India the chance to start the war. India initiated and Pakistan ended it logically. Newly born Pakistani state played exemplary role to win the war. It is said “Defense if the best attack” and Pakistan Army opted this policy.

India had no idea how strong defense Pak has emerged in few years, they thought that Pak is a newly born state and will be surprised by our attack and surrender themselves but they forgot that it was not only our Army; it was the whole Pakistan who stood up against Indians. Civilians fought with same bravery as our Army and gave a clear message to India in the early stages of war that this battle is ours; don’t even think of winning this battle from us. Later when Indian forces entered Pakistan they faced heavy hurdles, civilians proved themselves to be the heroes as they fought along the Army and blasted their tanks while tying bombs by themselves. This was the time that history witnessed the bravery of the Pakistani nation, it was an exemplary fight. Newly born state gave practical demonstration of what now Indians are recalling in their Bollywood films, yes Im talking about their so called ‘Phantom’, our vigilant son showed them in reality what ‘ghar me ghus k marna’ is.

Pak not only defended their motherland but even pushed Indians back in their territory and captured Chamb, Fazilka sector, Gutaro fort in Rahim Yar Khan, Sulemanki sector, Keshan Garh fort, Khem Karn, and Muna Bao sector. All these places have experienced Pak Army feets on their land and have marked the history.

Few days ago ISPR released pictures of 1965 war which once again recalled the memories of the war and blood started to warmup and feel pride to be part of a country who has set numerous examples of bravery.




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