Banned Outfits Must Be Neutralized

Pakistan has emerged to be a well reputed country; the allegation of sponsoring terrorism in the region has been wiped out due to the large scale war on terror fought by Pakistan Army. The point that needs to be remembered is that to prevail peace in the country only military operations against the militants are not enough, their need to be a complete check on the activities of banned outfits. Their activities need to be intelligently monitored and if they are becoming a threat to the peace of the state timely action need to be taken against the banned outfits.

It’s the prime responsibility of government to control the law and order situation of the internal country and keep a check on banned outfits by the help of Intelligence bureau. Earlier in the points proposed by National Action Plan a draft was proposed which aimed to take complete action against the banned outfits operating in the country but till now no proper action has been taken against banned outfits by the government. In the recent attack on police academy Quetta, a banned outfit Lashkar e Jhangvi has been suspected which shows banned outfits are not completely neutralized in Pakistan. After the attack during the high level security meeting Prime Minister has directed all law enforcement agencies to take strict action against the banned outfits. Pakistan has to think way forward, ordering action against banned outfits is not enough; there should be a proper channel to monitor whether an appropriate action has been taken against the banned outfits or not and it need to be ensured that banned organizations are not working by resurfacing under different names. Interior ministry claims that the provinces are instructed not to allow banned organizations from resurfacing and the list is regularly updated but the current situation of the country doesn’t seem to support this argument.

There are more than 200 banned outfits in Pakistan; it’s the prime responsibility of all concerned departments to have a mutual consensus on the agenda of dealing with banned outfits, Pakistani Military has already zero tolerance towards terrorists & their sympathizers, facilitators, financiers, abettors. Therefore it’s now the duty of other state departments to agree upon this consensus and carryout the concerned action against the banned outfits.


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