The Final Push!

Armed Forces of Pakistan has been engaged in war against terror since more than one decade and has produced numerous fruitful results. The large investment of $ 46 Billion by the Chinese is one of the biggest outcome of the previously conducted Military Operations which is not only becoming fruitful for the country but for the entire region. The tribal part of the country has been cleared from the terrorists and now the time has come for border management and cleansing of internal parts of the country by launching a crackdown on the facilitators, sympathizers, financiers and abettor of the terrorists who are enjoying safe havens within the country.

Previously in 2016 combing operations were launched within the country which resulted in full fledge Military Operation on the Chotu gang and arrest of their leader. Now when the Establishment was keen to have eradicated terrorism from the state, all of a sudden the terrorists have given a message of their presence and strength by launching 7 blasts within a week. The so called alarming situation shows the weakness of terrorists by the emergence of banned outfits that as they have been badly destroyed therefore the terrorist organizations want to hold the hands of the banned outfits to emerge by creating a nexus for which the Armed Forces of Pakistan are ready to counter and has started Operation Al Fassad across the country. For this Punjab Operation was mandatory for which the Punjab Rangers has been given the order to launch the operation and is seen succeeding in the motive as 100 plus terrorists and their facilitators has been arrested in the start of first phase of the operation.

The Punjab Rangers need to ensure that they launch full fledge apolitical operation in Punjab, the way Sindh Rangers launched in Sindh and has eradicated the criminal activities to a very large extent. The Military Establishment has taken a wise decision by launching timely operation within the country as this was the time to break the nexus of terrorists which was into being.

The support of the entire nation is along the Armed Forces of Pakistan in the cause of making Pakistan terror free. We expect all state departments to sit together and agree on the agenda to take the Operation Radd al Fassad to its logical conclusion and target each and every anti-state element that is aiming to destroy the peace of the country and sabotaging the peace and prosperity projects of the country.


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