Responsibility & Solution To The Current Situation!

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“Expect the best & prepare for the worst” is the quote on which Pakistan is relying from past one and a half decade. We always have best plans for future and whenever things are working fine something happens all of a sudden. Now the time has come when entire nation is sick and tired of lifting the loved ones dead bodies and hopes that the concerned departments take an effective action against the hatters of peace.

The Armed Forces of Pakistan admits to have taken action against the militants and the entire nation has lauded their efforts in war against terror where Pakistan Army has sacrificed a lot of important lives in order to revive peace in the country. The hope of better Pakistan was seen as foreign investment entered in Pakistan and sports festivals were being arranged, it was decided the final cricket match of PSL will be hosted in Lahore. Then all of a sudden terrorists showed their presence by conducting 8 bombs blasts within a week in different parts of the country.

The terrorist’s activities again created a doubt in the minds of people that whether we are succeeding in war against terror or not. Now arises the question that ‘who is actually responsible for the current wave of terrorism?’ India? Our state departments for not properly following National Action Plan?

The answer is OUR STATE DEPARTMENTS. There is no doubt on the ability of our state departments but the point is that the professionalism needs to be increased by the time. Our state departments need to enhance their abilities by monitoring the strategies of anti-state elements who are working on the motive to destroy the peace of Pakistan. The responsibility does not only lye on Armed Forces of Pakistan, LEAs or govt. It’s a mission that all these departments need to successfully end by joint collaboration and make a decision which is best in the national interest. Therefore in order to fight and kill the menace of terrorism our state departments need to get strong and focus on their respective work. For this NAP should be made effective and the government should concentrate to the points proposed to them for which the departments need to strengthen the concept of meritocracy.


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