23rd March! A Day to Cherish.

1940: In his discourse Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah portrayed the occasions of the most recent couple of months. In an impromptu discourse he exhibited his own particular arrangement of the Muslim issue. He said that the issue of India was not of a between public nature, but rather obviously a global one and must be dealt with all things considered. To him the contrasts amongst Hindus and the Muslims were so awesome thus sharp that their union under one focal government was loaded with genuine dangers. They had a place with two isolated and particular countries and in this manner the main shot open was to permit them to have isolate states.

In the expressions of Quaid-i-Azam: “Hindus and the Muslims have a place with two distinct religions, theories, social traditions and writing. They neither between wed nor between feast and, without a doubt, they have a place with two distinct developments that are construct principally in light of clashing thoughts and originations. Their ideas on life and of life are distinctive. It is very certain that Hindus and Muslims get their motivation from various wellsprings of history. They have diverse sagas, distinctive saints and diverse scenes. Frequently the legend of one is an enemy of the other, and in like manner, their triumphs and thrashings cover. To burden together two such countries under a solitary state, one as a numerical minority and alternate as a greater part, must prompt to developing discontent and last decimation of any texture that might be so developed for the administration of such a state”.

The Resolution proclaimed: “No established arrangement would be workable or satisfactory to the Muslims unless land bordering units are separated into locales which ought to be so constituted with such regional rearrangements as might be important. That the regions in which the Muslims are numerically in dominant part as in the North-Western and Eastern zones of India ought to be assembled to constitute free states in which the constituent units should be independent and sovereign”. Our Ancestors laid extraordinary penances to take this autonomous nation, now its our swing to make it prosperous and dynamic.


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