Time For Final Operation!

Image may contain: one or more people and textTerrorism is the gravest danger to the security and safety of any state in the world. Terrorism factor not only damages economy, society but also administrative domain of any sovereign state. Pakistan has been a victim of terrorism since past more than 1 decade but world has witnessed that how we have eradicated extremism and terrorism from this region. Now Pakistan is among those nations who are working for prosperity and peace not only for our country but for the whole state, CPEC is a game changing project which aims to bring in prosperity in the whole region for which we have seen our enemy making attempts to sabotage the project.

Still, Pakistan is being targeted by entities having negative ideologies on the aspect of terrorism. The most abysmal thing is that even after the vigilant Operation Zarb-e-Azb, conducted by Pakistan Army against militants; Negative Entities are still targeting Pakistan. We have seen dramatic change in the law and order situation of the country where the numbers of terror activities were declined to a large extent as the Military establishment believed they had broken the backbone of terrorists.

Former Army Chief General Raheel Shareef said in his farewell speech that we have fought a large scale battle against terrorists, but still a lot more need to be done to completely revive peace in our country. The statement has emerged to be true, the establishment needs to speed up the operation from the normal pace and target the safe havens being enjoyed by the terrorists within the country.

In recent speculations made we have seen the agenda being discussed that the terrorists groups and the banned outfits i.e TTP, ISIS, LeJ Al-Almi and ASWJ are forming coalition to fight against the Armed Forces of Pakistan.

The nation should have confidence in the Armed Forces that they have never let them down neither will they leave the nation alone in such time. The nation is demanding full fledge operation by LEAs in Punjab and now is the time when the tribal parts of the country are terror free and state should take a best joint decision in national interest and launch an operation on the banned outfits before they are formally emerged.


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