Kashmir Day

Despite the fact that since 1990, the fifth of February is being praised by Pakistanis and Kashmiris as ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ to pay reverence to Kashmiris saints and to show solidarity with the opportunity warriors who are requesting their honest to goodness right of self-assurance, as perceived by the UN resolutions, yet this time, the very day has come a period when the general population of Kashmir have quickened their honest to goodness battle in the consequence of the affliction of the youthful Kashmir pioneer Burhan Wani by the Indian security compels in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) in wake of proceeded with attacks and delayed curfews. Since July 8, 2016, Indian strengths have martyred more than 150 guiltless people who have been challenging the suffering of Burhan Wani and for freedom of their territory.

History of Kashmir is brimming with battles, hardships and penances of Kashmiri individuals; among them BurhanWani has critical rank as he was battling for flexibility when he was just fifteen years of age kid. This animosity was topped off in him by Indian armed force as he saw that his sibling was being embarrassed by Indian Soldiers for reasons unknown. In that youthful age Wani, child of school ace chose to render retribution from Indian Army. For accomplishing his point he got to be administrator of Hizabul Mujahideen.

It’s the ideal opportunity for the United Nations to consider the honest regular citizens being mercilessly tormented by the hands of Indians. Kashmiris merit their rights which should be satisfied at any cost. How can India claim for permanent membership of peacekeeping organization when she herself is propagating terror in beautiful valley of Kashmir? This also raises question on India’s stance for regional peace.


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