Action Against Banned Outfits Needed!

Image result for action against banned outfits

Armed forces are committed to fight against all odds at all level; LEAs are ensuring that no matter what ever would be the situation, the terrorist and their facilitators should be dealt with iron hands. We are fighting a war for the upcoming generations; a safe platform is being provided to the upcoming generations and is ensuring that no loop hole should be left untouched.

We have seen the Armed Forces of Pakistan fighting a tough war in the tribal belts of FATA and ensuring that peace has been revived in the entire country whereas on the otherside we have seen banned outfits working freely in Punjab. Peace cannot prevail until there is a complete action against the terrorist’s organizations and the banned outfits. JeM, ASWJ, LeJ are still openly operating in Punjab for which the concerned departments should take an action and take the incomplete task to its logical ends and completely wipe out terrorism from the state.

Earlier in 2016 we got to hear from civil government that no robbers exist in the Southern Punjab whereas at the end the Special Services Group of Pakistan Army had to go and operate in the area of Rajanpur against the Chotu gang.

Now peace has restored in Pakistan and in order to fully prevail the peace there is need to take a complete action in whole country and apolitical intelligence based operations need to be launched against the banned outfits in all cities and especially in Punjab. In order to take any action against the haters of peace, there is need of execution under the law of the land. No matter if anyone accessed, has political linkage or religious affiliation he needs to be instigated under the law of Pakistan.


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