Gen Bajwa! A Professional Soldier

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In order to lead a department on which the entire country depends, one needs to be mature enough to understand the consequences before making any decision and look into the past that in which condition the country stood at its best.

From the day, COAS Qamar Bajwa has assumed the office, it is being alleged on him that he is a puppet of Prime Minister Nawaz, which is totally absurd. Chief of Army Staff has its own strategy of leading the Army while playing apolitical role and concentrating on the task which is to be done by the Pakistan Army. The main role that Pak Army needs to play is to secure the country from external and internal threats for which the career of General Bajwa is suitable as he has vast experience to deal with the threats, especially, from India. He has commanded the Northern Areas borders shared with India. Moreover, the largest Corp of Pakistan Army, X Corp has been commanded by the professional soldier which covers a large border of Pak India.

In current situation we have already succeeded in war against terrorism at large extent and now the main threat is of India for which a professional soldier like Gen Bajwa is the most suitable.

Coming on the issue of the puppet of government, one need to understand that professional countries are ran by the democratic governments not by the military establishment therefore supporting democracy is a professional gesture of new COAS rather than aiming for dictatorship. He was chosen by the civil government and civil government was chosen through elections and the mandate of the nation, the political affairs has nothing to do with Army, there are other departments functional in the country such as NAB and Supreme Court who can deal with the political issues. It will be better for the country if Army concentrates on its motives and secure the country from all sorts of threats and by the approach of COAS it can be seen that this is what General Qamar Bajwa has aimed.


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