Reality and Myths

The paid writers like Mohammad Taqi have been telling nothing but lies to the world through their scripts. Social Media accounts are being used to spread false propaganda against the Pakistani state for which a proper action is required. In one of the latest Tweet by Mohammad Taqi the Armed Forces of Pakistan were targeted by the writer of Huffington Post in which a myth is spoken by saying that Pakistan Army has made Balochistan & Karachi a no go area for the civilian government through undeclared threat whereas the reality is something else.

Pakistan Army has given special focus to Balochistan and Karachi where the law enforcement agencies including FC Balochistan and Sindh Rangers have also played an active part along with Pakistan Army to revive peace in the areas and by the law & order situation of the province has been improved to a large extent.

Moreover Civil are given excess to every part of Pakistan, there was some specific areas which might be dangerous for the civilians and by looking at their security concerns the civil persons might be stopped for advancing further which is a positive gesture and LEAs should be appreciated for such acts that they put their life in danger in order to protect citizens and advancing in such dangerous terrains by themselves.

The situation of Balochistan has improved to a large extent and its fruits can be enjoyed by the entire region and no one can deny the efforts of LEAs to move CPEC trucks on the roads where terrorist’s convoys used to move. The entire world has acknowledged Pakistan’s efforts to overcome the menace of terrorism.

Such anti-state elements should be ignored as they are working on the foreign agenda to convert every effort of Armed Forces in sarcasm and bash the Armed Forces for every act. Such people should be ignored and the actual facts should be seen that where our country currently stands.



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