Pak Afghan Relations & India

Afghanistan and Pakistan enjoys good sweet n sour relationship, from eradicating the mess created by the then super power at the war of 1988 to assisting the Afghans and giving them a new life. The support did not disrupt their, 30,000 immigrants are in Pakistan as the home was provided by Pakistan. But what Afghanistan is doing with Pakistan is the question???

With collaboration of India Afghanistan is playing blaming game with Pakistan. Indian knows this fact very well that Pak Afghan shares 2230 KM long border and highly fragile environment is making much weak by inserting proxies by India- the hegemonic state of South Asia. In order to counter the terrorism which is prevailed in entire region, Armed Forces of Pakistan launched an operation in the tribal areas of the country and its fruits are being enjoyed by both countries as the law and order situation has changed dramatically.

Now it’s time for Afghanistan to sincerely think who their actual friend is and being the neighbor of Pakistan its time for them to take special care of their soil being used against Pakistan. Afghanistan has been playing in the hands of Indians and their statements against Pakistan are not new we have being hearing these songs before.

Ranting Indian soldiers over lack of quality food on social media is the proof that India is investing at wrong side. Instead of providing basic facilities, Indians are spending over propagation of terrorism in entire region.

Pakistan has assisted Afghanistan in every manner, it might be at civil level or military level, Pakistan has always stood along Afghans. Game in Afghanistan should end now. Pak Military efforts in this view are undeniable. Recently the Pakistani COAS has offered condolence with Afghans on the recent loss of lives in the terror attack. Pakistan’s acts shows that we want to develop good ties whereas in response we are not getting sincerity.


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