Consequences of Violating State Policies

Every state in the world has some fixed policies, there is a way to react if something wrong is going for which in Pakistan Supreme Court is there to handle. If any individual thinks that something is going is not going in right direction, it’s his obligation to raise the voice in order to fill the loop holes and tell the state that where things are going wrong. But freedom of speech doesn’t mean that one picks up pen and start bashing the state illogically with the intention of ruining the state departments’ image in the entire world and if someone does so the cyber law is there which can deal with the accused in a proper manner.

Same happened few days back when some of the Social Media Activists got missing, the missing activists were involved in cybercrimes where they used different platforms to produce anti-state narratives and their special focus was the Armed Forces and Government. The Facebook pages named Bhensa and Roshni were closed down which used to spread the Anti-Army propaganda and malign the law enforcement agencies for every act. It might be any positive development by the LEAs, such pages always produced sarcasm and negative propaganda for which a strong case was developed in the court of cyber law and FIA made the effective use of the law and the admins of the pages were trapped out and arrested.

After the news was spread of the accused being arrested the propaganda started on Social Media against the intelligence agencies and once again the blame of this act came on Intelligence Agencies who have nothing to do with the matter.

A trend has been developed by the anti-state elements that whatever negative has occurred they start blaming Intelligence Agencies for the act. The people need to understand the state’s rules and regulations that anyone going against the state will not be tolerated and Federal Investigation Agency has used their power in right way to deal with those who are going against the state policies. It’s illogical to blame the intelligence agency for the missing activists as its not their task, nothing is covered. The cyber law was passed few months ago and earlier those were warned who used to violate the state policies and those who still continued their work were dealt under the law and it should not be surprising for the concerned parties as they have to face the law for violating state policies.


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