COAS in Balochistan

Since taking over the command of Pakistan Army we have seen General Qamar Javed Bajwa paying special focus on Balochistan. He has made several visits to Balochistan in a very less time. Last week during the visit to Khuzdar while talking to the youth the COAS has ensured that the country is heading towards development for which the youth needs to play special part as they are the future of Pakistan.

The developmental project China Pakistan Economic Corridor was bought in the lime light and its importance was discussed to a large scale where it was said that still the job is half done and in order to fully enjoy its fruits we all need to stay focused on our vision. It’s the geographical factor that has made Pakistan this much important and we as a nation are ensured to make a stronger bond with the regional countries and connect the world. In order to enjoy the fruits of CPEC, Pakistan need to stay positive and make a bond with all regional countries and CPEC has given a golden opportunity to Pakistan to strengthen ties with the other countries in the region as well.

In order to make the land of Balochistan secure enough for the trade, LEAs has made tireless efforts for which their contribution needs to be acknowledged. It’s an honor for the province that thousands of Baloch sons are serving their motherland in Pakistan Army which is a surety that together we all are serving the motherland and making it secure from the external and internal enemies.

It’s not only about the security of Balochistan, it might be the developmental projects of infrastructure or developing hospitals/ schools, the Armed Forces of Pakistan has done every act in order to revive peace in the province.

Now it’s time for the youth to take on responsibility and consider themselves to be the future of the province and work for the betterment of the province.

That time is not far when Balochistan will be fully prosperous and peace will revive back after which the province will emerge to be the economical land for the entire region.


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