New DG ISPR! New Hopes!

Inter Services Public Relations plays a key role of bridge between civil and military, its task is to fill up the gaps of nation and Armed Forces. In the previous times we have seen a hyper active role of ISPR and its tireless efforts to build up a good image of Armed Forces in the minds of nation. Gen Asim Bajwa led the ISPR office for 4 years and 7 months and during the time Armed Forces of Pakistan gained maximum respect. Now the office has been handed over to the new DG ISPR and the nation has same hopes from the new DG ISPR.

General Asif Ghafoor has assumed control over ISPR and being the Director General the country has a great deal of trusts from him. The country needs him to proceed with an indistinguishable pace from the past DG ISPR was doing. Country has begun to appreciate Armed Forces and ISPR has made a brilliant showing with regards to by coming clean to the world. Presently it’s the obligation of new DG ISPR to proceed and take after the strides of General Bajwa and run the association with same poise and respect.

As the whole nation knows that Gen Asim Bajwa has set a bench mark, Gen Asif Ghafoor will surely continue the legacy and will take ISPR to new standards and Inter services Public relations will be able to perform even better under the leadership of Gen Asif Ghafoor as he is a man with courage, honesty and dignity. Negative entities are busy in conducting comparison between outgoing and newly appointed DG ISPR; this comparison is nothing but callous act to grab attention of mass.

Newly appointed DG has no comparison with Gen Asim bajwa because he will take ISPR to new spheres and will continue the legacy of Gen Asim. Let’s hope for the best because this institution had played crucial role in distributing facts and figures related to armed forces and will continue to disseminate this for the People of Pakistan


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