Khalistan Movement! Still a problem for Sikhs

India pretends to be the world’s largest democracy but by being the condition of minorities in their country the reality seems to be slightly different but the world has always witnessed biased Indian media and oppressed minorities for which the Khalistan movement by the Sikhs and in its response the Indians oppression is an evidence in front of the world.

The continuous discrimination and human rights violation against Sikh community is the real face of Indians for which the recent desecration of “Guru Granth Sahib” supports the idea of the real faced Indians. What the minorities have to do with the label of largest democracy when the humiliation of 1984 is still pending in the court of justice and no action is taken when the Indian invasion of holiest place (Golden Temple) infuriated Sikhs, which led to assassination of Indian PM Indira Gandhi in Oct 1984 by two of her Sikhs Guards.

Hindus have always betrayed Sikhs, from the time of Gurus, majority of the Hindus have always been against the Sikhs. If we see the history Hindus have betrayed Sikhs and helped British Army to take over Punjab, Khalistan and whole Pakistan as well. After British took over Punjab it became part of British empire when Indians gained independence it was handed over to Indian government to be ruled and it was just due to the Hindus that Sikhs lost their country. Later Nehru- Gandhi promised that Sikhs would be given full rights in India and that no law would be passed without consulting Sikhs but later when British left India the Sikhs were fired from their jobs and Hindus were hired on their posts. Then Indian constitution was written but Sikhs refused to sign it in the house of parliament because under amendment 25 it declared Sikhism as a part of Hinduism. When Sikhs talked to Nehru about their rights, he simply replied that now the time has changed and if you wanted to live freely, why didn’t you demanded separate homeland from British?

All states of India were created on language basis but Punjab was not declared as language state for which Sikhs decided to raise their voice and launched a peaceful march and in its result 1 lakh Sikhs were arrested and brutally tortured. Holy places were badly disrespected. Till date the fight is continued and Sikhs are struggling hard to find their place in India and there is no one for where they can expect something good.



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