Role of ISPR

Back in 2002 when Pakistan Army decided to take an action against the miscreants, the unawareness of people caused a lot of hurdles for Pakistan Army as the narrative was built that the Military Operation is against the own people of Pakistan. Armed Forces of Pakistan didn’t had any support from the nation due to the myth of operation being conducted against own people. Neither the martyrs of motherland were given any respect or those warriors who had been volunteering their lives for the sake of motherland. The stream continued for a long time period and Pakistan Army decided to aware the nation and assigned the task of Public Relations to the concerned department of Armed Forces of Pakistan ‘Inter Services Public Relations’.

The main role of ISPR is to be a bridge between Armed Forces of Pakistan and the nation. It basically connects the Civil Military stream and in the past we have seen hyper active role on ISPR in order to fill up the gaps of Civil and Military. Over the time people have started to build respect in their hearts for the Armed Forces and its just due to the tireless efforts of ISPR in order to show the nation that how was Armed Forces striving for the betterment of the country.

Every country has their spokespersons, just like government having a spokesperson the Armed Forces of Pakistan also needs a spokesperson for the department of ISPR has been given the duty of keeping the nation aware of what their forces are doing and how hard they are struggling in order to make Pakistan peaceful.

Previously the narrative of people of Pakistan has been changed by seeing the reality how their forces are working, whatever difficulties a soldier came across were portrayed by ISPR and the nation came to knew that how our forces has performed in the tribal belt of the country in order to fight the final war against terrorism.

Now the command of ISPR has changed after 4 years and 7 months and the newly elected Director General has been given a crucial task to lead this organization and in the current situation it’s a challenge for the new DG ISPR to maintain the already built reputation of Armed Forces of Pakistan. The nation has high hopes from him and wants to continue the footsteps of his predecessor.



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