Hopes From New COAS!

It has not been a month since new Army Chief has taken over the command of Pakistan Army. The last COAS had gained respect of each and every Pakistani citizen as he worked professionally to overcome the menace of terrorism and made Pakistan a safe platform for the foreign investors due to which the basic problems of Pakistanis were resolved at a very large scale. As the retirement time of Gen Raheel Shareef came nearer  the nation was disheartened and wanted Gen Raheel to continue his services for the motherland.

But now as the agenda is quiet clear and new Army Chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa has taken over the command of Pakistan Army, the nation wants him to continue the footsteps of Gen Raheel and complete him incomplete tasks. The nation has high expectations from the new Chief.

As per the career of Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa he seems to be a professional soldier, it’s too bit early to talk about the new COAS’s performance because it’s just the start of his command and it will take some time to convert his potential into some substantial figures. Same was the case when Gen Raheel Sharif was appointed as the Army Chief, till 7 months of General Raheel’s command no one had an idea that how professional Army Chief he will emerge to be. He gained the support of the nation at the time when he launched final phase of war against terrorism and ultimately he proved himself to be a professional soldier and an asset for the country.

Still a lot of work need to be done, overcoming corruption is a major challenge for the new COAS and knowing the fact that corruption breeds to terrorism it’s the responsibility of the COAS to take the war against terrorism and corruption to the logical ends and secure the country from external enemies.

The recent inauguration of Taftan- Pak Iran friendship border by Commander Southern Command has given a positive gesture to the new command that the same footsteps are being followed and border management is also taken in consideration. The nation has high hopes that other footsteps will also be followed by the new COAS.


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