Another Attempt To Malign LEAs


It’s a pattern on the planet that nobody can see an individual succeeding, same happened few days back when Inspector General of Frontier Corp Major General Sher Afghan Niazi’ s advancement was declared and he was designated as the Corp Commander of Bahawalpur, some hostile to state components began to make promulgation against him.

The Quetta Commission report appeared 4 months after the fierce assault which occurred in Quetta back on 8th August 2016. A few components are reprimanding General Sher Afghan for the assault considering him responsible. There is a primary question from such individuals who are condemning Gen Niazi for the demonstration, if common government is exceptionally extolled for the peace endeavors in Balochistan then why the fault of security lapse is on the LEAs Interior Minister of Balochistan is basically the person who should be actually held liable for the act because he is the one who is responsible for the law and order situation of the country. It’s the common government who directs the work to be done to the LEAs. Along these lines considering the IG FC responsible for the demonstration is a juvenile diversion by some against state components.

Comparable reaction was seen in 2014 at the season of Army Public School assault in Peshawar when a few people were considering Corp Commander Peshawar in charge of the security pass.

The question that emerges from the unmerited affirmations is that notwithstanding of realizing that Law Enforcement Agencies are conveying their best for the nation, why hostile to state components are permitted to talk? Why are they given so much significance?

The present progressive system is very clear, it’s the common government who is in charge of the peace circumstance of the nation in light of the fact that Armed Forces of Pakistan are working under them and are complying with their requests like popularity based states.

For the purposeful publicity against IG FC, why he is being faulted when he is no more the serving IG FC, it’s just to develop pressure on the new Inspector General and redirect the consideration of the Baloch individuals from his innumerable administrations to their region.


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