Deadly December Has Again Arrived

“It was like a horror movie, only it was real”   – Survivor

This year 16th December marks the second anniversary of the frightening incident of APS attack in Peshawar that shook not only our country but the whole of the world. This deadly attack on school was the worst kind of terrorism martyring more than 150 people among 134 innocent souls that perished on that day. This attack on the future generation of Pakistan is regarded as ‘The darkest hour before dawn’. Although this day is marked as the worst and deadliest day as it ripped our hearts out but it did brought some positive results as well alongside. The attack united all the political parties and civil military leadership and aimed on the agenda to have zero tolerance on terrorism and continue the ongoing operation against the militants  which was eventually bought to the logical ends and it produced several fruits which are being enjoyed by the entire region.

Soon after this incident, both military leadership as well as political leadership took rapid measurement and the military courts were established. National Action plan (NAP) was also drawn up in the wake of APS killings. Ban on death penalty was and terrorists were executed one after another.
The then Army chief Raheel Sharif’s first public remarks after the attack reflected rising anger.

“These terrorists have struck the heart of the nation. But our resolve to tackle this menace has gotten a new lease of life. We will pursue these monsters and their facilitators until they are eliminated for good”, he said.

To figure it all up, Pakistan agonized an enormous setback on this particular day. We might never recover from this attack, but we can surely learn from this. Never again should we tolerate militants or terrorists taking our country hostage like this.

“When dark December glooms the day and takes our nation future away…”

Army has fulfilled its points of National Action Plan and now is the time for government to wake up and play their part, moreover the mastermind of APS attack, Mullah Fazl Ullah is in the territory of Afghanistan and it’s time for Prime Minister of Pakistan to give a recall to Afghanistan over the issue of Fazl Ullah and demand him back in order to execute him.


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