We Know How To Fight Successfully!

Involving the means of Media to transmit information in pursuit of a competitive advantage over an opponent has become important in today’s time. Conflicts are no more organized and won only by weapons, Army might invade a country but in order to gain the support of the community 4th generation need to be fought for which information warfare involves collection of authentic tactical information and intelligently countering the propaganda’s. The war of media has a close link with psychological warfare because every conflict is fought on at least two grounds: the battle field and the minds of the people.  The media war in unannounced and it doesn’t end with a truce- it is an ongoing battle with social networks and websites as the battlefield. It occurs when two sides of a conflict of sort compete for the public’s attention through the various media.

Mechanized Armies like USA have invested a large sum of budget to launch information operations by developing social network circles and extending computer network operations attack and defense.

Similarly the Inter Services Public Relations (Media Wing) of Pakistan Army understood the importance of media warfare and kicked off their work professionally. Back in 2006 Pakistan Army was facing brutal psychological attacks from its nation as no efforts of peace by the Pakistani Military were supported by nation because the people were not aware of what military is actually doing but as the influence of ISPR grew in media, the narrative of the people also started to change and now we stand at a spot where every second person acknowledges the efforts of Armed Forces of Pakistan to fight a war against terrorism and bringing out best in the national interest.

By successfully conducting the military operation along with the full fledge support of the nation Pakistan has proved that we are capable of fighting 5th Generation warfare, the narrative of the entire nation has been changed as the every act of Armed Forces was portrayed in the media and the nation is fully acknowledging the sacrifices rendered by Armed Forces of Pakistan.


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