Pakistan’s Efforts For Afghanistan

Whenever Pak Afghan relations are discussed it takes one back to 1979 at the time when Afghans were badly affected by the hands of Soviets and it was Pakistan who took Afghans out of the tough situation and gave them a new life. Accommodation, education, employment everything was given to Afghans and the refugees settled here for a very long time.

Due to the disrupted situation of Afghanistan Pakistan has been effected a lot and is trying its best to accommodate Afghans to bring in stability and peace in their country. Pakistan being a neighbor of Afghanistan has done a lot of peace efforts yet Pakistan has to face baseless blames of sponsoring terrorism and the disrupted law and order situation of Balochistan.

It is said that continued Pak support to Taliban in Afghanistan will bring IS to the region the way it attracted numerous terror outfits previously. Let me clear the allegation of Pakistan supporting Afghan Taliban, if Pakistan was supporting Afghan Taliban then why would we have conducted an operation in our tribal region against TTP? Why would we not want TTP to go and join the hands of Afghan Taliban and carryout terror activities in their country? Instead Pakistan urged Afghans to support us in war against terrorism and carry out the action against any Taliban fleeing in their country without taking in the mind the concept of good or bad Taliban as our aim is to target all those who have disturbed the peace of our country and the entire region.

Blaming Pakistan for the law and order situation of Afghanistan is totally a baseless and lame logic of Afghans, they should open there eyes and see the reality that who is befitting for using Afghan soil in order to spread terrorism in Pakistan. Kabul should understand the fact that India has disrupted the peace of both countries in order to make the situation complex for Pakistan and the terrorists are using Pak Afghan border to infiltrate into Pakistan and carry out their work.

Pakistan has fought a large scale war in the terrains of FATA with the aim of bringing in peace and stability in both countries. We have sacrificed thousands of important lives in the fight against terrorism from and its results are enjoyed by both Afghanistan and Pakistan.


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