Myth of Missing Baloch Persons


The issue of missing people is normal in Balochistan where the BLA and BLF ordinarily abduct the energetic Baloch who are an obstacle in their method for spreading psychological warfare. Normally we have seen the Social Activists required in sorting out co-curricular exercises disappears and the purpose behind that is calm basic that the anti-state components don’t need Baloch individuals to make the most of their lives as they need to spread dread in the entire area and those coming in their direction are snatched fiercely. Later the paid deceivers like Tarek Fatah and Brahmdagh Bugti are there to bolster the false story by maligning Pakistan Armed Forces and LEAs that they are included in the kidnapping of missing people.


Same happened with a Baloch dissident Abdul Wahid Baloch who has already composed numerous occasions like Balochi scholarly, melodic and social occasions and the person who was known for taking part in occasions, dissent arouses and hunger strikes held by Baloch activists and anglers for Baloch missing people, unexpectedly he got missed from Super Highway on approach to Karachi and his sudden vanishing ones again offered change to the counter state components to malign Pakistan Armed Forces. Pakistan Army was insulted for this demonstration and the Social Media groups were hyper dynamic against the Pakistan Army and were accusing that the missing extremist Abdul Wahid Baloch has been mercilessly kidnapped and murdered.


The purposeful publicity against the Armed Forces of Pakistan for killing the missing individual Abdul Wahid Baloch was thwarted when the missing dissident returned back to his home following 4 months on Monday fourth December 2016. Every one of those engendering false news about his merciless kidnapping has quiet down call and it has been demonstrated that it’s not Armed Forces of Pakistan who are included in such acts rather it’s the counter state components who can’t see any Baloch ascending for their rights or request any fierce demonstrations which the agitators has been doing before.


A point emerges by observing the weak rationales of hostile to state components that its Armed Forces of Pakistan who are included in the fierce activity against the missing people, we have found in most recent couple of years Pakistan Army has worked vigorously to make the circumstance of the territory better for which the whole district has befitted from the changed peace circumstance. So why will Pakistan Army kidnap the blameless regular citizens who are nationalists?


Every single such promulgation to slander Pakistan Intelligence and its Armed Forces are unjustifiable and have no truth in it. Abdul Wahid Baloch’s most recent illustration is before us who were marked as murdered by the LEAs.


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