General Raheel Did Enough!

The whole country is apparent of the way that since the time the charge of Army was given over to General Raheel Sharif, by the every passing day the lawfulness circumstance of the nation steadily enhanced and the threat of fear based oppression was dispensed with and there was zero resistance against fanaticism.

While giving over the charge of the finest armed force of the world to General Qamar Javed Bajwa the Ex COAS General Sharif conveyed a goodbye discourse in which he highlighted the center issues of criminality, corruption and extremism which require encourage endeavors to be annihilated on which some consideration seekers are thinking about it to be General Raheel’s disappointment not to conquer these variables though the truth is something else and it should be basically analyzed.

The time when General Raheel assumed control over the charge of Pakistan Army the psychological militants were getting a charge out of places of refuge in the tribal belt of the nation and were running their system in the entire nation and fear mongers assaults were being done in the whole nation. As the time passed the whole nexus of fear mongers were busted and the situation changed significantly.

The Armed Forces of Pakistan were submitted on the motivation of zero resilience of fear mongers and their sympathizers, abettors and facilitator and the point of Army was the come over the mentality of fanaticism for which a considerable measure of endeavors were made and the war of mental change was given to ISPR who depicted the work being finished by the Army.

General Raheel Sharif earned this much regard and resigned on his due date with respect and poise, that was all because of his demonstrable skill which purchased change in the nation, in the traverse of 3 years whatever was in his grasp he accomplished for the nation and the outcomes in type of vast Chinese speculation and recovery of games and tourism industry is before the world. Presently the summon has been given over to the new Chief and the state bureau of Armed Forces is itself a solid office then any of its individual hence the left over work will be finished by the new COAS as Gen Raheel did whatever he could in the brief timeframe of his order.


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