Pakistani Media’s Role For New COAS!

Finally the debates of General Raheel’s extension are over as Retired General Raheel Sharif has proved to be the man of words and has retired with honor on his due date. Finally the command of one of the world’s best Army is in the hands of General Qamar Javed Bajwa from whom the nation has same expectations and expects him to follow the footsteps of General Raheel Shareef’s professionalism.


Soon after taking the command the newly appointed Army chief had an informal session with the media persons in which he said “I will be needing the support of the media in Pakistan,”.

Presently it’s the ideal opportunity for media to comprehend their significance and the part they can play in the advancement of the nation. Media need to assume positive part the way they have played already. Media has the ability to change the account of the general population and change the negative attitude of the world. It’s the ideal opportunity for media to tell the more extensive world that Pakistan has prevailing in war against psychological oppression and the main test which we are as of now confronting is of the LoC infringement by the Indians for which a senior and experienced General of the related issue has assumed control over the summon of Pakistan Army.


It’s the ideal opportunity for media to show Indians forceful state of mind and assault on regular people on hold of Control, it’s an ideal opportunity to mindful the whole world about Indians mercilessness and the difficulties Pakistan is as of now confronting. Media is thought to be the fourth mainstay of the state and it’s the mean of media through which the real work of any general public’s improvement, now everyone’s eyes are on media by what means will they depict the picture of recently selected Chief.


In recent days we have seen media playing full grown amusements as they have depicted a decent picture of General Qamar Bajwa by highlighting his unopinionated part as a Corp Commander of 10 Corp and relating his polished skill to the recognizing proclamation of Ex Indian Army Chief.


It’s the ideal opportunity for media to convey forward a similar level of development and have a dynamic influence in highlighting the part of Armed Forces in the improvement of the nation and additionally telling the world how General Bajwa will utilize his polished methodology to handle the up and coming difficulties, for example, of LoC.


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