Policies of Army Will Remain Same

Pakistan Army is the most grounded establishment of Pakistan which is an exceedingly proficient state division and plans to adhere to its strategies thus it’s inappropriate to expect essential arrangements of the military to change by the adjustment in its summon. The establishment is itself more grounded than any of its pioneers. General Raheel Sharif has ended up being the man of his words, he reported prior that he will resign on his due date and by the fruitful culmination of his assignments he is completing his tenure tomorrow and will handover the commanding stick to new General.

In the event that we look onto the past change of charge, the approaches continued as before. General (R)Kiyani began the operations on aggressors and effectively completed operation in Swat and South Waziristan and after his retirement it was General Raheel who assumed control over the charge and proceeded with the mission and propelled a last operation against the activists in the tribal belt of the Pakistan.

The plan of Pakistan Army is clear; its rationale is zero resistance against psychological warfare which will proceed even after the change of charge. Significant test in the present circumstance for the up and coming Army Chief will be infringement of LoC crossfire acceleration for which the most experienced man in the chain of importance, Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa has been picked who has a vast experienceof affair of LoC and Kashmir arrangements as he has served sufficient of time in the Corp as the Commander of the concerned Corp of controlling the Indian fringe and on lower positions he has served on Gilgit Baltistan outskirt and in addition the Indian Former Army Chief himself is commending the polished skill of General Bajwa who have served together in UN Mission Congo.

Subsequently being an expert state office Army has altered and straightforward approaches for which the country needs not to stress and have a firm conviction that who so over is the chosen as the Army Chief he will keep on working professionally on the prescribed agendas.


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