Another Baseless Allegation by India!

India has a propensity for pointing the finger at Pakistan without having any strong confirmation, it may be any fear monger assault or any bomb impact, India has played habitual pettiness with no validation. Charging Pakistan for making a crack in India is a mainstream drift in Indian Politics. After the Uri part and Pathankot assaulting now India has picked another approach to slander Pakistan by faulting its Intelligence Agency ISI for the inclusion in making Indian coin unlawful. India needs to comprehend the way that it’s not the occupation of Intelligence Agency to upset foes’ money; it’s the state branch of Ministry of Finance that has business to deal with such matters.

Pakistan itself is turning into a solid economy, China Pakistan Economic Corridor has been effectively finished and the shipment has as of now achieved Gwadar port of Balochistan and in addition a few exchange trucks are en route to achieve Gwadar. It was a most exceedingly bad dream for India to see Pak China financial hallway turning into a reality which has risen to be a reality.

India need to act maturely and quit rebuking for Pakistani Intelligence of each matter they think, prior they were humiliated when the charge of Pathankot assault ended up being incorrectly and same will happen this time. It’s time for India to make their own economy solid instead of accusing the nations that has nothing to do with them as they are themselves heading towards a solid efficient power.

The world needs to understand the fact that it’s India who is injecting terrorism in Pakistan which has eventually given a big loss to the economy of Pakistan in the past. Due to terror activities of Indian proxies we have been deprived of key industries like tourism and caused foreign investment to stop which has given a strong loss to the economy of Pakistan. Now when trade activities has been started in Pakistan and a large investment has entered Pakistan it has caused India some serious troubles in the means of economy therefore they have decided to defame the image of Pakistan by blaming Pakistan for injecting false currency via Dubai and Sri Lanka in India.

Instead of blaming our Intelligence, India should head towards UAE and file a case if their claim is true that Pakistan Intelligence is running an industry in Dubai to produce fake currency. The legal system of United Arab Emirates is quiet transparent, if Indians claim is right why don’t they handover the evidences of UAE and seeks for justice rather than playing blame games on media and making fun of themselves.


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