Army Is Striving Hard To Strengthen Pakistan!

Pakistan Army has always been there to assist its nation, it might be any natural disaster, controlling law and order situation of the country or fighting war against terror the only hope of the nation has been Pakistan Army. The entire nation has full faith in army and expects them to be there in the time and need for which Pakistan Army has never disappointed its nation. That’s the main reason that behind the support of the entire nation for its Armed Forces.

A decade ago our country was badly indulged in the darkness of terrorism and extremism due to which our economy was badly disrupted, tourism industry was almost dissolved moreover no International sports teams visited Pakistan due to the terror activities which ultimately resulted in collapse of economy and Pakistan became a victim of economic terrorism.

By the efforts of our armed forces Pakistan has once again regained its lost position and gradually we are heading towards a brighter Pakistan, International sports team has started to visit Pakistan, recently International PACES was organized in Lahore where 18 Armies from the world participated, moreover tourism industry has started to flourish again and a mega project of worth 46 Billion $ is in its final phases which is aimed to be economical for the entire region. All such achievements are due to the numerous sacrifices of Armed Forces of Pakistan. Pakistan has lost large number of lives in war against terror and our forces have fought exemplary war which has been acknowledged by the entire world.

Now prosperity has returned in Pakistan, the government needs to play its role in covering up the leftovers, National Action Plan need to be fully implemented and government needs to focus on its prescribed points especially a full fledge action against the banned outfits operating in Pakistan. Peace cannot fully prevail until all departments agrees on mutual consensus, therefore now its obligatory for government to be serious in its job and plan an active role to strengthen Pakistan.

Civil side of the government is busy in playing politics while ignoring the main agenda of their representation of the nation, government has tried several times to play politics and malign the most respected institution ‘Pakistan Army’ in politics but the Army has stood firm and agreed on the agenda to stay away from politics and strive for better Pakistan. Even in the hard times of opposition sit-ins in Islamabad Army played neutral role and urged government to solve their internal matters while staying in the circles of democracy. Army has done everything to strengthen Pakistan, let’s hope from the civil side to open their eyes and opt the path of Military side whose agenda is to strengthen the country. Civil Military all departments are the pillars of the country for which no pillar can be expected to weak.


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