Pakistan’s fight against terrorism. Myths and realities

Pakistan has been facing the allegation of sponsoring terrorism in the region but due to the recent large scale operation conducted by the Armed forces of Pakistan in the tribal region has purified Pakistan from this allegation and the entire world has recognized Pakistan to eradicate the menace of terrorism which has not only been beneficial for our country but for the whole region.

In fact it is India who is using Afghan soil to sponsor terrorism in Pakistan for which the caught spy agent Kulbushan Yadav has exposed the reality of India in front of the world. Agenda of Pakistan is quiet clear over the issue of terrorism i.e zero tolerance for the terrorists and their sympathizers.

It is said that continued Pak support to Taliban in Afghanistan will bring IS to the region the way it attracted numerous terror outfits previously. Let me clear the allegation of Pakistan supporting Afghan Taliban, if Pakistan was supporting Afghan Taliban then why would we have conducted an operation in our tribal region against TTP? Why would we not want TTP to go and join the hands of Afghan Taliban and carryout terror activities in their country? Instead Pakistan urged Afghans to support us in war against terrorism and carry out the action against any Taliban fleeing in their country without taking in the mind the concept of good or bad Taliban as our aim is to target all those who have disturbed the peace of our country and the entire region.

India is the largest importer of weapons in our region and China is the largest exporter of weapons therefore Pakistan has nothing to do with the military industrial complex, so it’s wrong to say that while losing grip on Taliban, the regional terror sponsor Pakistan is working on a new Foreign Policy tool to keep running its military industrial complex.

Moreover if the peace haters blame Pakistan for being working on the agenda to bring it ISIS in the region it will be wrong to blame Pakistan for this act as Pakistan is emerging to be the game changer in the region and is in the process of making the entire region economically strong by its mega projects like CPEC and moreover our military establishment has made it clear that we will not even allow a shadow of ISIS in our country.


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