UK Lauding Pakistan

Pakistan and United Kingdom have enjoyed good relations in the past; both countries are members of UN and Common Wealth of nations. Even till now both countries has shared mutual interests, in the defence field Pakistan sends its top cadets to Royal Miliary Academy and our Army instructors are still serving in RMA to grooming the cadets of UK’s army.

Recently Chief of General staff UK Army paid visit to Pakistan on Wednesday with COAS General Raheel Sharif where he started off the day with paying tribute to Shuhdas and laying floral wreath at Yadgar-e- Shuhdah in GHQ after which he was taken to Miranshah, a lethal place where Pakistan Army has recently conducted a large scale military operation against the militants. Within a small time frame the area has been cleared from militants, on his visit to Miranshah Sir Nicholas Patrick Carter CGS UK Army highly applauded the efforts of Pakistan Army to conduct a successful operation in the rough terrains of FATA. With his vast experience is serving in similar terrains of Afghanistan Sir Nicholas Patrick Carter concluded by saying that he can understand the nature of task and and the threat of terror of terrorism. He lauded the efforts of Pak Army by saying ‘It is really inspiring how the Pakistan Army is consolidating its gains and bringing peace to this part of the region’

Moreover during the meeting with Pakistani COAS, regional security issues and matters of mutual interest were discussed. The visiting dignitary acknowledged the sacrifices and achievements of Pakistan Army in fight against terrorism and efforts for bringing peace and stability in the region.

Visit of CGS to Pakistan holds much importance in current situation as the visit of United Kingdoms’ Prime Minister is scheduled ahead in November, lauding the efforts of Pakistan to overcome the menace of terrorism has given a shut up call to the Indian Prime Ministers allegation of Pakistan during BRICS summit in Goa holding Pakistan liable for sponsoring terrorism.

The recent visit of UK’s CGS has improved the relations of both countries much more and a message from a British CGS is given to the world that Pakistan is a country who has done much more than the world for terrorism, Pakistan is not a terror supporter.


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