Time For Media To Play Positive Role

Media plays an important role in today’s world, it has proved to be a lethal weapon as the world is not interested in seeing the actual facts rather they rely on the media to see what actually is happening in the world. It’s up to the media whether they portray an image positively or negatively, how they actually present the issue in front of the world therefore it’s the prime responsibility of media to highlight the positive side of the society as in today’s world the international media grab the attention of core issues of the world.

Journalist’s plays key role in the media industry therefore it’s their duty to portray positive image of the society and act as a responsible journalists. In Pakistani media industry we mostly see journalists discussing an important issue and its motive is not to look for a better solution rather the aim is to criticize the person just to grab the attention of the audiences and make their show hit in the prime time for which they forget that media is a lethal weapon which can be monitored round the globe 24/7 and their criticism can lead the country’s image to ruin at the international level so it’s the duty of journalists to play their positive role and the criticism should be aimed for betterment rather than cribbing.

It’s the duty of the media houses to train their journalists before bringing them in the camera lights that what their aim should be, moreover it should be taught in the syllabus of journalism that freedom of speech doesn’t mean they start bashing their very own country to such an extent that it results ruining of image in the international world.

The spot where we are currently standing we need sincere people; we don’t have any room for people like Matiullah Jan, Taha Siddiqi or Cyril Almeida who talk illogical without any evidences available. We being Pakistanis need to understand that we are one family where our prime responsibility is to support each other in every aspect rather than criticizing them in front of the world and the key department of the country ‘media’ need to understand it very well that in current situation we need responsible journalism.


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