MQM Again Exposed!

How many more evidences required proving MQM to be a terrorist organization? On Wednesday another raid by police and huge cache of Nato weapons and ammunition was recovered. Police reportedly seized a large number of weapons including anti-aircraft guns, SMGs, LMGs, sniper rifles, hand grenades, rocket launchers, bulletproof jackets and helmets hidden in the water tank of the empty house. The recovery of such large quantity of ammunition is marked to be “biggest recovery of arms and ammunition in the history of Karachi”. The recovered weaponry include 11 anti-aircraft guns, 17 grenade launchers, 39 LMGs, 9 RPG-7, 82 SMGs, 11 7-MM, one M-16, 32 China rifles 7.62, 10 G-3, 5 sniper rifles, 2 repeaters, 9 short SMGs and 245 magazines of SMGs and G-3.

The city police chief claimed that these arms were supposed to be used by the elements residing in London particularly with cooperation of RAW (Indian intelligence agency) for terror activities in the metropolis but it was foiled through timely action by security institutions.

Seizing such large number of weapon is an achievement of Law Enforcement Agencies which can further lead to investigation; forensic tests can be conducted to determine whether the weapons have been used in the past to conduct terrorist activities in the metropolis. Much evidences has been gathered against MQM and no one should doubt the fact that it’s a RAW funded party whose aim is to spread terror in the Pakistan, the gathered evidences should be presented on International forum and Scotland yard should be effective enough to detain the suspected person who is residing in their territory and working on an International agenda to destabilize the law and order situation of Pakistan.

Pakistan has cleared its stance that we have zero tolerance for terrorists and their sympathizers, therefore RAW should be well aware of the fact that we will not tolerate such terror acts on our soil and we will respond by full aggression if their terror sponsored organization tries to disturb the peace of the country.


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