Indian Terrorism In Balochistan!

Another blast in India and the nation has gone mad stating Pakistan to be responsible for the deadly attack in Uri India. India has a habit of blaming Pakistan without having any solid evidence, it might be Pathankot airbase attack or Uri sector attack, India has played blame game without any authentication.

The world has ignored the facts that were revealed by RAW agent Kulbushan Yadav in his confession to sponsor terrorism in Pakistan specifically in Balochistan. The arrested agent himself confessed that he has assigned task by the RAW official Mr Anil Kumar Gupta to spread terrorism in Pakistan, Karachi and Balochistan were the major targets of RAW and they were able to spread their roots. So far Pakistan has lost a lot in war against terror, bomb blasts carried out in various parts of the country were all planned by the enemy who revealed themselves. Why is the world quiet over the sponsorship of terrorism in the Pakistani state?

Previously Indian Prime Minister Mr Modi has given a statement regarding Balochistan which has sparked furious protests across the province with Chief Minister Sanaullah Zehri accusing New Delhi of stoking terrorism in the volatile region. In the response of Modi’s statement civil society activists and different political organizations staged rallies in Dera Bugti, Lasbela, Naushki, Chaghai, Khuzdar, Naseerabad, Jaffarabad, Kohlu, Dera Allahyar, Dadhar, Sibi and Bolan among other cities of Balochistan. The protesters marched through the streets, condemning the Indian premier’s Independence Day diatribe against Pakistan, in which he claimed that the people of Balochistan and Azad Kashmir had thanked him for talking about them. The Baloch nationals has given a clear message to Mr Modi that don’t even think of breaking our unity, we all are united and are here to defend our motherland. They have given an open message that yes we are an integral part of Pakistan and will continue to make our nation proud of what we are.

Baloch nation has rejected the concept of terrorism and want to move ahead and contribute in progressive Pakistan. It’s time for the enemy to stop their sponsorship of terrorism as the Baloch nation has rejected their ideology and want to live a peaceful life.



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