We Are Ready To Face Any Enemy!

Pakistan is a country whose Army is recognized worldwide, it might be defense exercises on International level or practically implementation of those exercises, Pakistan Army has always been in the front. From more than a decade Pakistan Defense forces has been engaged in a war against terror where we have fought exemplary war. The entire world has acknowledged the professionalism of Armed Forces of Pakistan. Conducting a large scale military operation in the harsh terrains of FATA was not an easy job, it was just the commitment and dedication of Armed Forces of Pakistan that led them to victory stand. Country’s defence capabilities reflect the nation’s courage and determination. Operation Zarb e Azb is the latest example of the strength of our Armed Forces, Operation Zarb-e-Azb is a continuation of this conviction, which has resulted in containing terrorists through combined will of our political leadership, determination of the nation, and sacrifices and professionalism of armed forces and security institutions. Pakistan had attained self-reliance in production of advanced weapons. Hatf missile series, Al Khalid and Zarrar tanks, JF-17 Thunder aircraft, Agosta submarines and the foremost of all, “our nuclear capability is the hallmark of our strong defence. Our brave armed forces in shoulder-to-shoulder with the nation had always given a clear message of protecting the sovereignty of country, by defeating the enemies.

Fast-changing global scenario, internal and external conspiracies and terrorism are the challenges that demanded a strong defence, We are proud that we did not overlook this fact and our defence capability meets the contemporary needs

Pakistan Defense has not only been fruitful for our country but it has also given a safe and healthy platform to the rest of the region. Pakistan’s defence capabilities meet the contemporary needs as its strong defence has ensured peace in South Asia.

Our enemy should hear it loud and clear that our defence is strong and we have the full capability to respond to any action of enemy takes, our enemy should know it well that we have always led from the front and have the full capability to foil their attempts the way we foiled in past.


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