Lame Tactics By India!

Another attack in India and ones again Indian defaming Pakistan and holding Pakistani Intelligence Agencies liable for their security mishap. Now it has been a normal routine for Pakistan to bare the baseless allegations of India on any attack. Pakistan itself is a victim of terrorism and is fighting a war against terror since last decades. The entire world has acknowledged Pakistan’s efforts to fight a large scale war against terror.

In the war against terror Pakistan has lost a large number of innocent lives including civilians, Armed Forces persons and children moreover we have faced a loss in our economy due to the terror attempts of our enemies for which we have solid evidences in the shape of Kulbushan Yadav a RAW agent who himself confessed that he was the man working on the agenda of RAW to destabilize Pakistan.

Pakistan is not in a position to sponsor terrorism in other states as we our self are indulged in a large scale war to overcome the menace of terrorism therefore at such spot the baseless allegations of India on the issue of Uri Attack has become a matter of laugh for the world.

India has played this game to divert the attention of the world from Kashmir issue, such events were even carried out by Indians when the hot issue of Kashmir was about to be discussed at the International forum, same happened this time that an attack was carried out in India just few days before the UNGA session. These old tactics are ones again being played by India to remain highlighted in media and divert the attention of their atrocities carried out by Indian forces in Indians Occupied Kashmir.

It’s time for India to stop playing such childish games and come on the point of Kashmir agenda which need to be discussed now. Just to hide the brutality that Kashmiris has been facing the point is again being molded. India did the same by the defaming Pakistan Intelligence in the attack on Pathankot Airbase and later proved to be wrong. Same is the case here in Uri Attack where no solid evidence is there with Indians and Pakistan is being dragged in the issue. It’s time to move on and work on the referendum policy of Kashmir and listed the voice of Kashmiris.


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