COAS Reflecting The Voice of Common People!

COAS General Raheel Shareef has always been a voice of the nation, the reason he has gained this much respect is due to his commitment and dedication towards the country to make Pakistan peaceful and progressive. He has understood the voice of common people of Pakistan and is working according to the wants of common people.

Recently on the occasion of 6th September 2016 COAS made a public speech where his speech emerged to be the voice of common people. In his speech Gen Raheel highlighted the factors to uproot terrorism, LEAs efforts to regain peace and stability in the region, Pakistan becoming an economic power, defense to be invincible, NAP to be fully implemented and fighting against corruption and terrorism.

All the points discussed by Gen Raheel reflect the real voice of the nation. We are facing a major problem of terrorism for which we have been engaged in war against terrorism since last 1 decade. In this war we have lost several important lives including civilians, armed forces officers and soldiers. Now the nation is sick and tired of terrorism and wants a permanent solution for which Pakistan Army under the command of General Raheel Sharif has launched a grand military operation to destroy the hideouts of terrorists in the terrains of FATA.

Another point discussed by COAS in his last speech was implementation of National Action Plan which was aimed to fulfill 20 points of NAP both by civil and military leaderships. While addressing to the nation General made it clear that NAP need to be practiced and followed by the all concerned departments.

In another point General Raheel stated that our defence is invincible, we are now much stronger and are in a good position to give tough time to whosoever tries to mess with us. Successfully launching of operation Zarb e Azb is an evidence of that fact that now we are much stronger and are in a better position to defeat our enemy.

Referring to China Pakistan Economic Corridor General expressed his highly optimistic view that we will guard the project at all cost and will not allow foreign powers to interrupt and destabilize the project.

Army Chief Speech was really motivational which helped the nation to regain their confidence in Armed Forces of Pakistan. The reason behind the motivational speech was COAS reflecting the voice of the nation.


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