Pakistan Defence Is Invincible !

6th September 1965 was the day when we proved our defence to be the strongest in the world, fighting an exemplary war against India which is still being remembered till date. There was one thing which is still alive in us today i.e unity among the entire nation. It might be Armed Forces of Pakistan or Civil society, the entire nation got united and decided to achieve the goal of winning war against the enemy in which Pakistan succeeded.

Yesterday on the occasion of Defence Day/ Youm e Shuhdah COAS General Raheel Sharif has made it clear that Pakistan defence is invincible. Operation Zarb e Azb was started in the most difficult terrains of FATA where the hideouts of terrorists from were operating in the entire country, Armed forces of Pakistan launched successful Military Operation in that region and destroyed the hideouts of terrorists.

Today after 51 years of Defence Day we are much stronger for which every Pakistani has played his role, Law Enforcement Agencies, Intelligence Agencies. Pakistan Army, Pakistan Airforce, Pakistan Navy, Police and everyone else has played their part in making Pakistan defence more strong and invincible.

Even today as a nation we have all stood up and fought a war against terrorism, along with the defence capabilities it’s the unity and support of the nation which has caused us to win a war against terrorism. Before launching Operation Zarb e Azb the entire Pakistan experienced thunder of bombs in all cities but now as the operation is getting successful we have seen a massive reduction in the terror activities and terrorists diverting their attention from hard targets like GHQ towards attacking soft target like innocent civilians and kids.

No Army in the world can fight a war against terrorism in hideouts like FATA that way our forces has responded and have proved themselves to be the best. It is decided now that our defence is invincible. COAS in his speech has made it clear that yes we are the best in the world and even thinking of defeating us will be wrong for the enemy, we are much more stronger and are getting stronger by the each passing day.


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