Nation Wants To See Gen Raheel In Uniform!

Right from the day General Raheel Shareef was handed over the command of Pakistan Army he was committed to make Pakistan prosperous, due to his bold steps to eliminate the menace of terrorism General has earned the respect of entire country. General emerged to be the last hope of the nation, now is the time when nation has made General Raheel his role model and have firm belief that no matter what the situation is its only General Raheel who will settle down the situation. Such blind trust of the nation is gained by the General due to his professionalism and commitment to make the motherland prosperous and terror free.

By the each passing day the time of General’s retirement is heading nearer which has become something to be worried upon for the nation and the nation doesn’t want General Raheel to retire and leave the office of Chief of Army Staff. The nation wants General to continue his services for the motherland until the country is fully peaceful.

General Raheel Shareef has fought a large scale war against terrorists in the tribal belt of FATA and Balochistan which has resulted positively and has executed many terrorists, more over countrywide Intelligence Based Operations (IBOs) and combing operations were launched by Pakistan Army which has produced positive results and the situation of the country has changed dramatically; therefore  there is another demand of the nation i.e to give an honor to General for his services and make him the Field Marshall as he deserves it.

The fact is that people of Pakistan want to see General Sharif staying in uniform and providing services for the motherland. It might be extension in the services of General or promoting him to the honorary rank of field marshal the nation just want to see Raheel Shareef serving the motherland in the same way while being in uniform.

Everyone is sick and tired of politicians looting the country and wants a brave person like Gen Sharif to deal with them all like the way he dealt with MQM in Karachi. He mercy was given to any person who tried to disturb the peace of the city, he might belong to any student federation or any political party he was dealt with hard hands.


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