Baluch & Kashmiri’s Reply To Modi

Kashmir has been a long lasting issue of Pakistan and India, the hearts of Kashmiris are with Pakistan. Every year on the occasion of Independence Day we witness Pakistani flag waving in Kashmir and in its response the Kashmiris have to face brutality by the hands of Indian Army.

Indian Army is involved in attacking the innocent civilians of Kashmir and despite of knowing the fact the International community’s silence on the Kashmir issue raises question marks in the minds of many people.

Previously Indian Prime Minister Mr Modi has given a statement regarding Balochistan which has sparked furious protests across the province with Chief Minister Sanaullah Zehri accusing New Delhi of stoking terrorism in the volatile region. In the response of Modi’s statement civil society activists and different political organizations staged rallies in Dera Bugti, Lasbela, Naushki, Chaghai, Khuzdar, Naseerabad, Jaffarabad, Kohlu, Dera Allahyar, Dadhar, Sibi and Bolan among other cities of Balochistan. The protesters marched through the streets, condemning the Indian premier’s Independence Day diatribe against Pakistan, in which he claimed that the people of Balochistan and Azad Kashmir had thanked him for talking about them.

In Quetta, the Pakistan Workers Party workers took out a procession and marched through different roads before ending the protest in front of the Quetta Press Club.

The protesters also set fire to Indian flags to express their anger and shouted slogans against the Indian prime minister while demanding the federal government take up the issue on international forums.

The Baloch nationals has given a clear message to Mr Modi that don’t even think of breaking our unity, we all are united and are here to defend our motherland. They have given an open message that yes we are an integral part of Pakistan and will continue to make our nation proud of what we are.

The Baloch are protesting against Indian prime minister’s statement while people in Kashmir are protesting against the policies of India [as well]. Protests are taking place in Kashmir despite the imposition of curfew. It might be Kashmir or Balochistan, both have rejected the Indian ideology and has shown solidarity with Pakistan. A strong message has been given by both to Mr Modi to come out of fantasy and look towards the real world.


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