Karachi Operation Heading Towards Right Direction

Karachi being the largest city of the country holds much importance for Pakistan. In Karachi there was a time when mothers didn’t knew that whether our children will come back to home safely or not. More than car horns the thunder of bombs and roars of bullets pierced the ears. The city was no more considered to be the city of lights, rather it was known as the city of terror, but hats off to the Armed forces of Pakistan who tool initiative & aimed to completely wipe out terrorism from the city. Finally Sindh Rangers started the apolitical military operation in Karachi.

Citizens of Karachi found Rangers to be the beacon of hope and stood firm along them to completely wipe out terrorism. DG Rangers ordered apolitical operation where anyone belonging to any political or religious party was taken with hard hands without any discrimination. Who so ever was found guilty is executed without any favor given.

Pakistan Army has termed Karachi operation apolitical, across the board and non-discriminatory. General has vowed the fight is against terrorism, extortionists, target killers and other criminals and has given its solution i.e “Non-discriminatory operation against all malicious elements”.

Recent killing of Pakistani star Amjad Sabri is a really condemnable and poses a question to every security institution of Pakistan. Different political Parties cash even this issue for their political gains. National political parties like MQM, PPP entire Sindh government critic security institutions, rather they themselves are responsible for the current situation of Karachi. Once again MQM is playing dirty politics over this saddened event and is trying to malign LEAs in the killing of Amjad Sabri.

Last month General Raheel Sharif, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) visited Corps Headquarters Karachi and met top leadership of Military and discussed the Karachi operation to make the city peaceful. COAS said that ongoing operation had brought about a noticeable improvement in law and order situation of Karachi. However as we progress to target the crime and terror syndicate network, we need to keep our focus on actionable human and technical intelligence and totally dismantle their support structure. COAS said Operation has now entered into a phase where terrorists and their abettors are badly bruised, isolated and hence will go for softer targets so as to find their survival and undermine the society psychologically. He instructed all concerned to hunt them and pre-empt their moves to frustrate their designs. We must continue our mission unabated to consolidate and not let anyone reverse our gains. Expressing his assurance to the people of Karachi the COAS emphasized that the nexus of terrorists, their abettors, sympathisers and financiers will be broken at all cost and ongoing operation will be taken to its logical conclusion.

Let’s all hope for peaceful and better future of Karachi.


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