Pakistani Civil Military Relations!

It has been fourth year of democracy, the nation has been sick and tired from such democracy from the right day 1 of the present government because soon after the election people understood that they have made a blunder by electing such government who has been in the interest of making and enjoying power rather than working for its people.

Still Military Establishment has supported democracy in every bad time and stood along them. In the times of protests in Islamabad ‘Dharna’ by the opposition parties military stood along the democracy and urged to resolve the fight in a good and democratic way. Instead of interfering in the political issues Pakistan Army has kept aside and worked in the interest of the country and has performed an excellent job. Conducting of a successful grand military operation in the tribal areas of Pakistan and changing the scenario of the country dramatically is the reason behind the Pakistanis respect and hope from Armed Forces of Pakistan.

Hope of the citizens of Pakistan from the Military Establishment doesn’t mean that military itself is inviting Marshal Law, it’s just the love of the nation which has been developed for those who always stood along them in the time of need.

Recently the issue of General Raheel’s campaign to continue his services for Pakistan has been under limelight where a general perception has been made that Pakistan Army itself is doing all this, whereas the reality is different. It’s the love of the nation which has made them do this.

Pakistani Military leadership under the command of General Raheel Sharif has been committed to make Pakistan and its institutions strong where democracy has been strengthened. Now it’s the 4th year of democracy and it’s time for government to tell the people who elected them that what they have given to them. No country can run single handedly, both civil and military need to play their role and currently both establishments are on single page. Let’s hope both establishments play their part actively and make our country prosperous and a developed state.


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