New Army Chief (Good work should continue)

Now a day Social Media is floating with the argument about the upcoming Generals in the hierarchy for the position of next Chief of Army Staff after the retirement of General Raheel Sharif. The main argument floating was whether General Raheel will seek extension in his powers to continue his services for Pakistan or not. The general public wants General Raheel Shareef to continue his services for the country as he has done very well for the country and its future. Fighting of large scale war against terrorism and providing safe platform for the upcoming generations is the main reason why General Raheel gained so much respect of the Pakistanis and became role model.

The names of next Generals in the hierarchy to attain the post of Chief of Army Staff have already started to float on the media stream. One thing need to be remembered that General is a rank in Army which is attained by the consistent hard work and dedication of a soldier, anyone who reaches up to this spot is well deserved and a professional soldier therefore the nation need not to worry that who will be the next Commander of Pakistan Army, they should have firm believe that Armed Forces of Pakistan has never let their country down.

The main thing that need to be focused is the good work expected from the upcoming Chief of Army Staff, the nation should have firm believe that who so over is next in the hierarchy will be beneficial for the country as he will follow the same motive of Pakistan Army due to which the country has been prosperous till now.

It’s the footsteps that matters and General Raheel Shareef been a good role model has set a good platform which will be followed by those lower in the hierarchy. Let’s keep our hopes high from the Armed Forces and expect that that so ever comes next be a blessing on our country.


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