Kidnaping of Children & Way Forward!

Law enforcement agencies have worked tirelessly across the country to neutralize the sleeping cells of the terrorists. Across the country Intelligence Based Operations were made to ensure that the large scale Military Operation has full-fledged support by the Intelligence Agencies as well inside the country as it’s very important to fight within the country against the sympathizers of terrorists.

Everything was going fine and as per the plan, citizens of Pakistan were also really happy by the contribution of LEAs towards making the country prosperous but suddenly the issue of kidnaping the children aroused in the province of Punjab. It has caused real trouble for the police and government. Every second act is not the responsibility of Pakistan Army and its Intelligence Agencies to control, the civil Intelligence agencies and government also need to play some role to facilitate its citizens.

The so called democratic government has done every act for the citizens which are enough for them to oppose them, the nation has lost all trust from the politicians and are ones again hoping something good from Armed Forces to do something for them.

It’s time for government to mechanize their police and depoliticize them in order to assist the citizens. The performance of police is in front of the nation where they have failed to provide security to the citizens of Pakistan. Punjabis are demanding Rangers in their province the way it has been deployed and delivered in Karachi. This demand of Punjabis shows their unshakable trust in the Armed Forces of Pakistan.

It’s time for government to think wisely and ensure the safety of the citizens of Pakistan as the newly aroused problem of children kidnapping is a matter to worry upon. The kidnapped children are being badly abducted and their body parts are being smuggled in the International world. Our concerned authorities need to take a quick action against these evil acts and stop the problem of kidnapping.


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