Rising Industry of Tourism in Pakistan !!!

Vibrant colors of the Land of Pure have been revived, all hail to operation Zarb e Azb. Tourism has been revived in Pakistan and the credit goes to Pak Armed Forces for an extensive military operation against terrorism. Hard work has finally paid off. Pakistan tourism industry is flourishing once again; the improved law and order situation in Pakistan has resulted in the boost of tourism in Pakistan which will ultimately boost Paki’s economy.

Pakistan is rich in beauty; northern areas of Pakistan are attractive to the entire world. In recent years terrorists had worked on the agenda to destabilize the economy of Pakistan, therefore terrorism acts were being carried out in large number in Pakistan due to which Tourism industry was almost dead. 2 years ago Pakistani Military leadership decided to launch final operation against militancy in Pakistan which have successfully being concluded and has started to provide fruits.

Tourism industry has once again started to flourish which is likely to boost the economy of Pakistan. Northern Areas of Pakistan covers a large belt of mountainous terrain which holds much importance due to the natural beauty more over hiking peaks, snowfall, and greenery, water falls become a spot of attraction for the national and international media due to which tourists are attracted. Previously the obstacle for them towards reaching their attraction was terrorism but by the great hard work of our Law Enforcement Agencies and Armed Forces of Pakistan the problem has been resolved to a very large extent.

Along with revival of tourism in Pakistan, the operation has provided many other fruits as well to country such as foreign investment, CPEC etc.

An estimate of tourism industry, Pakistan used to enjoy $351 million to $369 Million annually at the time when tourism was opened in Pakistan. Let’s hope again the industry will contribute in annual income of Pakistan and gradually boost up of our economy.


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