August 1947 the Role Model for 2016

14th August may be an ordinary date of the English calendar for the rest of the world, but it holds immense importance in the life of every Pakistani, as it is the independence day of our beloved country Pakistan. Pakistan’s 68th birthday arrives at a moment when it is mired in host of problems. August 14th should be a time to join together and focus on the common goal to preserve independence. It is a day to celebrate freedom and reflect on the future of Pakistan. Let’s stand as a nation and present our children, a prosperous and better Pakistan.

Every year 14 August reminds us of great sacrifices made by our forefathers to bestow us with precious gift of freedom. History is replete with names of many heroes, who, in the name of patriotism, laid down their lives for the motherland. Even today, we the proud sons of Pakistan are fully motivated to stand up against any challenge irrespective of unforgiving weathers and tormenting terrain.

August 14th has a great historical significance, as the boundaries of our beloved Pakistan emerged on world map. As we celebrate this day with a sense of pride, we must pay profound homage to our predecessor for their unparalleled sacrifices, which brought forth, the dream of a sovereign state. While rejoicing this day, we are also cognizant of the fact that we are successor of men and women of honor who have left behind great traditions of glory and courage for us to emulate. On this epoch making day we strongly convey to our fellow countrymen that we will leave no stone unturned in defending our motherland against all threats.

It’s time for the nation to remember the sacrifices and serve the heroes of 14th August 1947 as their role models. Now the place where we are currently standing, we are passing through a very tough time. We are fighting a war against terror, every citizen of Pakistan need to play their part and work for a successful Pakistan by showing sincerity with the motherland.



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