Its Time for Afghans to Use Their Identity!

After the war between Afghans and Soviet Union Afghans were in a crucial position where their economy was badly disrupted, what they all had was bodies scattered after the war. Pakistan was the only country who helped Afghans to get rid of that war. Afghans were settled in Pakistan, accommodated, well settled, jobs were given, they were educated and housing facilities were given.

It has been several years, Afghan is almost stable now yet the Afghan nationals who were accommodated in Pakistan are not ready to leave. Many Afghans were granted Pakistani nationality as a bond of Muslim brotherhood; it was the responsibility of Afghans to think wisely and not misuse the nationality granted to them.

Afghans has been traveling on the Pakistani passport worldwide where they are creating problems for Pakistan. In their visits to USA and misusing of passport of maligning Pakistan for no reason is creating problems for Pakistan. Every rule they violate the image abrupted is of green passport which shows the world that they are green passport holders therefore they are Pakistani whereas originally that’s not the case.

It’s now time for Afghans to think wisely and play a sincere role same as Pakistan played with them in the time of need. Doing wrong acts on the hope that Pakistan’s name will be maligned for the issue is the immaturity of Afghans.

Pakistan has always helped and is still sincerely helping Afghanistan over several aspects such as recently Pakistan has concluded a large scale Military operation along the Pak- Afghan border which has benefitted both countries equally as the safe havens of terrorist are targeted who used to operate against the states of both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Other than this Pakistan has trained Afghan cadets in the Military Academy which shows Pakistan’s concern for Afghanistan to get stable.

Now as Afghan themselves claim that they are well stabled they should play mature role and get back to their country and use Afghanistan as their identity rather than using Pakistan’s name. Afghans have claimed themselves that they are well stabled now and on the other side they have been asking Pakistan to accommodate their citizens for next 10 years further.

Afghanistan should come to one conclusion and stop maligning Pakistan’s name in every evil act. It’s time to move forward and stop playing immature games.


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