Final Push to Terrorism!

Recently a large scale Military Operation has been successfully concluded to a large extent by the Armed Forces of Pakistan in the tribal areas of Pakistan where Pakistan and Afghanistan shares a total border of 2230KM. The operation was aimed to target the safe havens of terrorists who were hiding in the tribal areas of FATA and running a country wide channel to spread terrorism in all over the country.  Successfully our Armed Forces targeted the pockets of terrorists and were pushed back to such an extent that majority of them were killed and other ran towards Afghanistan which is now the prime responsibility of Afghanistan to look into the matter sincerely and kill the terrorists fleeing in their country as they are a threat to the entire region.

Pakistani Military vowed to give final push to terrorists and has achieved their goal to a very large extent; evidence of the fruits of operation can be witnessed by all as the law and order situation of the country has revived and the country is heading towards prosperity. Arrangements of sports festivals like Shandoor Mela and 23rd March parade and moreover the foreign investment in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor is an evidence of the fact that peace has been revived in Pakistan.

As the Armed forces of Pakistan has aimed that it’s the final push to terrorism therefore the agenda of Armed Forces is clear that no room will be spared for terrorists to regain their strength. It’s pretty much clear that no doubt what happen, our forces will not allow terrorists to regroup and continue their anti-state role against our motherland.

Not only in the tribal belt of FATA, but the Intelligence based operations (IBOs) has also been conducted country wide. The operation against Chotu gang in the Southern part of Punjab, Sindh Rangers Operation in Karachi and FC Balochistan’s operation in Balochistan are being conducted to fight against the internal enemies who are weakening the roots of our country.

Armed forces are committed to fight against all odds at every level, no doubt what happens the terrorist and their facilitators will be dealt with hard hands. We are fighting a war for the upcoming generations, a safe platform is being provided for the upcoming generations to come and prosper. No loop hole will be spared; every single hideout of terrorist will be taken with hard hands and taken to the end they actually deserve. Being a nation it’s our responsibility to support our forces in the mission they are achieving because without the support of the nation nothing is possible. Being a nation we can’t fight a war, but at least we can support those who are achieving the goals in this mission.



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