Sindh Rangers! Beacon of Hope!!!

Karachi used to be a city of peace where peace and prosperity was everywhere; being the biggest city of Pakistan it holds much importance for the country. Unfortunately due to some terror spreading organizations the city has not been effectively used by Pakistan. The get hold over the terror spreading parties the only hope left was apolitical operation by the Law Enforcement Agencies.

Finally Sindh Rangers launched the operation in Karachi which produced numerous fruits and peace was prevailed in the city. Sindh Rangers successfully launched apolitical military operation in the city of Karachi where no one accused was favored on the point of any political affiliation or anything. Moreover the citizens of Karachi are also satisfied by the way Rangers in performing in the city. They have found Sindh Rangers to be the beacon of hope and had high expectations from them on which Rangers successfully came.

Now people of the city wants Rangers to take hold and finish the operation they had earlier started. The way forces has performed their prescribe task is an exemplary operation led by our forces, there has been a massive decline in the terror activities of the city and the hopes are high that soon rest of the city will be made peaceful the same way it is currently made.

Now when the time came of giving Sindh Rangers and their authorities’ extension of the time period the politics over the issue has been started which is a matter of worry. It might be Law Enforcement Agencies, Armed Forces of Pakistan, Political parties or any other state department, their main motive to work is to make Pakistan peaceful. No one should play politics in an issue where regional stability and national interest in concerned. Sindh Rangers is performing well which means they are making the law and order situation of the country better which will eventually make Karachi peaceful where peace can return and a healthy platform can be laid for the other state departments to progress which will eventually contribute in national interest and raising of the economy of the country.

Now anyone who thinks that the state department which has emerged to be the beacon of hope for the citizens of Karachi should not be given extension in their powers clearly reflects that he is an anti-state elements who cannot see the country progressing. It’s time for whole country to get united and stop such politics and leg pulling and think what the citizens of Pakistan are demanding and should work on it.


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