An Open Letter to Aasma Jahangir!

During my travel yesterday, had a look at Dawn newspaper where Nasir Iqbal reported on Asma Jahangir’s petition to Supreme court to ask government to disclose the number of radio channels run by the army’s media wing — Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) — as well as their sources of income.

As much as I would like to have implementation of law in this jungle land, I am amazed at people like this lady who have closed their eyes on what our elected representatives are doing. What this country is going through and what’s the need of the hour. I would want to take her back to Dec, 2014 when this nation was in a shock after losing so many innocent souls who went to school and never came back. Who was responsible to give some hope and counter narrative to the Nation at that time? Everyone would answer the country leadership – The Prime Minister of Pakistan. What did the collective political leadership do some press conferences, some photos with victims, National Action Plan with no implementation and progress so far and list goes on. The whole nation got a counter narrative and resolve to fight terrorism from only one institution and that was Army. “Bara Dushman ha ju bachon se larta ha” gave this nation a resolve to fight back these terrorist through education. This song was an ISPR production and just to remind that government also have all the funds, skills and expertise under her to give us that counter narrative but they didn’t….

  • Now coming to this FM radio channels and media cell of ISPR, have you ever heard Asma Jahangir submitting petitions asking government how many FM radio channels are run by Taliban who are slaughtering innocent people? What actions government has taken to have counter narrative against what Taliban are broadcasting through these channels. Oh yeah sure, its Army’s responsibility to look after and not of government, I am sure that’s what she would respond to. Have you ever heard Asma Jahangir submitting petitions asking about media cell managed under Prime Minister House by his daughter? How is that media cell regulated and who is regulating it? No she would never because; she only has issues with men in uniform because they are protecting us, the people of Pakistan.

To all such people like Asma Jahangir, I am no one to make some statements about you as a person but as a tax payer of this country, I am all ok with my Armed forces using my money to handle/manage this war against terrorism.


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